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FCL services

We are focusing on import and export transportation of sea freight ,including inquiry,booking,clearance,inspection,loading and door-to-door service etc , we are professional for a variety of procedures according to customer's specific requirements, tailor-made transport solutions unique, for customers to improving efficiency,saving cost.we have good relationship with most of shipping lines :EVERGREEN, and MSC PIL, COSCO, MAERSK, YML, CSCL, NYK, K-LINE, UASC, WHL etc, and a number of shipping companies have signed the contract price with us. We are based on advanced information systems and covers all countries and regions in the world. Especially in Japan, central and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and Africa, the price advantage and space guarantee are reliable. We have a complete set of freight transportation system which can provide customers with a full range of transportation services, maximizing the cost of logistics and improving efficiency.